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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Katie's birthday party brought to you in black & white...

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Katie's birthday party was last weekend -- almost 2 weeks after she turned the big 1-4! 

She was dying for a skating party. 

She's also a klutz.

She also always manages to get hurt... no matter what she does.  But still, we went ahead w/ the party.  So much for bowling... no one gets hurt in bowling! 

She invited five friends.. but only three were able to come.  Cotillion was also that night, and Katie didn't want to attend... but her other friends did, and so they were busy getting ready for that big night!

Katie and her BFF Madison ....  unfortunately four years ago she broke her wrist skating.. and guess what?  She fell on her elbow and got hurt again.  Thankfully after a day, her elbow "popped" and last I heard it was feeling much better... 

Now this friend is Nina... she is wearing the helmet and all the wrist guards.  She was at the mall when she passed out, and she hit her head, so her parents wanted her to wear a helmet when skating.  This is her first time skating, and she fell many many times... good thing she was wearing a helmet!  Those are good to have!



Katie & her friends:  Madison, Nina, & Missy


for some unknown... stupid reason... the concession stand offers shots of pickle juice for .50 cents each.  They all (mostly all.. Madison wasn't that thrilled) wanted to try a shot.  So I gave them two bucks and they all chugged those suckers down.  These were the expressions: 

Katie is a lover of pickles.... this stuff didn't faze her.  Not one bit...

Madison on the other hand....  had to force it to go down.  Poor girl.  I understand her agony in the moment.  That is some pretty nasty stuff!


And Nina?  ... "gasp!"

I took cupcakes with us, and left them in the car.  We ended up leaving early and headed home (in part to some injuries and about a million little kids all skating around) -- when we got home, the cupcakes were tossed to and fro -- someone --I won't name any names..... took the cupcake carrier (it's old, and doesn't have "places" to put the cupcakes, but it's still a carrier!) and just did circles with it.  So, they were all messed up and all just... over the place!  So much for that!

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  1. Ahhh skating parties I remember them well. Lucky for me I knew how to skate. :) It looks like the girls had fun even though they got some injuries.


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