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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When it rains.... we play!

It rarely rains here in Texas.  We miss our good midwestern thunderstorms!  The rolling thunders, the lightning shows, and the smell of rain.

Here in Texas... we very very little rain.  So, when it poured buckets (and I mean bathtubs of buckets), Maddie wanted to play in the rain.  As long as there was no lightning.. I said "go for it!"

So, she and her friend had a ball playing in the rain for a good hour or so!



Here Maddie & her friend are running down the street... and towards the drainage pipes.  SCARED ME TO DEATH!  I envisioned two little girls being swept off by the water -- it was raining THAT much!

So after I yelled and ran after them to come back and staying in front of our yard...they pointed the finger at each other in the blame game.

1 comment:

  1. Playing in the rain is always so much fun... : )
    NOW i wish it would rain so i can play in the rain....


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