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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maddie's New Friend

Last week Madison came home from school and told me she has a new best friend. She had been telling me she was so lonely at school because she only had one friend. I gave her a challenge to meet someone new that day at school, and ask her/him to play at recess! So, we did this for a week, and everyday she informed me she had a new friend! Well, last week she told me she made another new friend, and in her words: "Someone like you Mommy!" I asked her what she meant by that, and she said "well, she wears those things like you in your ear". At first I thought she meant earrings... but it was my hearing aids she meant! She said they didn't talk much, but they were great friends! I guess the little girl didn't hear much, but I wasn't for sure.

Today I picked the girls up from school, and Madison's new friend followed us past the car. Pru (or Prul or Purel... it's an Indian girl) and her mother said hello, and introduced themselves. I saw she had the hearing aids, but it turns out she actually had a cochlear implant in both ears done four years ago! She was born deaf, so what an amazing miracle involving technology for this girl! She goes half day to the Kansas School for the Deaf, and half day with Maddie's class. The school wanted her to get used to going to a school for the hearing, so she's a new student as well!

This family also lives at the complex as well, so they should probably play at the playground....whenever this rainy season passes!

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