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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Milkshakes with Grandma

A few weeks ago the girls and I went to visit my parents for the day. We had a great time helping them clean their garage out (OK, as great a time as one can have breathing in dirt and dust) ~ Maddie has proven herself to be a junkaholic... she loves to collect anything and everything. (thanks Dad for all the stuff Madison brought home!) Anyways, to reward ourselves, we headed out to Burr Oaks to walk in the woods for awhile. We heard some mighty bullfrogs just ribbit away by the pond. Very cool to hear (I've never heard a frog before).

Anyways, afterwards we headed to Winsteads for a Skyscraper Soda. I had many wonderful memories going there when I was in the Singles Branch, and a bunch of us would get one of these and share! They now have it in milkshakes as well, so we got a chocolate milkshake. We definitely had a great time trying to get the shake to come up out of our straw (OK, it was a hard thing to do, and our cheeks got a workout in the process).

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