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Friday, May 9, 2008

{Katie made dinner}

Katie made dinner for us Wednesday night, as part of her Faith in God program. She planned it all out: sloppy joes, onion rings, green beans, kool aid and then no bake cookies for dessert. ha ha The onion rings were just something I had in the freezer, but she did a great job. Course, she made a mess, but I was right behind her telling her secrets to doing it better or faster, and of course cleaning up her messes. She was very proud of her accomplishments.

Thanks to my new friend Jenni... I've really been able to get up every morning early and jog (OK, attempt to jog). She was jogging already when we moved here, so it was pretty easy to have some help to get started. I love my walks in the morning. Albeit, I take the same route, but it's so peaceful and quiet, and the houses are incredibly beautiful to look at. I see tons of bunny rabbits every morning. Oh, and tons of worms too. It's been raining so much lately, that every morning after a big rain, it's "welcome to Wormapolooza!". I am always cringing when I walk b/c if I step on a worm, it's gonna be a slippery slide! (ick!). So, I'm careful to watch where I step. (hope none of you are PETA supporters for worms *giggling*).

But, I have managed to run nonstop over a half a mile so far, but it has to be on a straight run... no hills, no nothing. Ha ha! I just can't seem to run, and it bugs me to death. I quit so easily! The minute something hurts in my body, I seem to protect myself and stop and just walk. There's no such thing in my mind as "breathe through the pain". That only applies to childbirth for me. One good thing to come out of all of this... I am dropping inches, but only a few pounds. Still doing my Jazzy Jazzercise, which I LOVE!! I have a favorite instructor: Candy. She's so fun and so hip hoppity cool.

Katie's foot finally healed up. She's on a field trip today to see the Arabia Steamboat. Maddie also has a field trip... to the lunchroom today. *snort* I get to eat lunch with her as she learns what it is like to eat lunch at school. Poor kid has more experience that her friends when it comes to all day school.

Oh, and for my sister in law who is reading this (Marcie!!)... finished all three Twilight books. Have you seen the trailer?? OH MY!! Can't wait to see this movie! Started rereading the series again. *giggling* Can't get enough of Edward & Bella.

I finished my mother's day projects... I'll post a picture after this weekend, so no one knows what they're getting yet, thus why I have to delay the pictures. :)


  1. Yea for Running! My goal is to do a 5k this September, so I'm excited to hear about other people starting out the same way I am!

  2. I agree, it's so relaxing on our morning strolls. It's nice to get a chance to think before the kids get up and the madness begins!

    It's also nice having someone to go with! I know I can't sleep in 'cause Amy's waiting!!


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