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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Madison's favorite movie is the Phantom of the Opera... no kidding! She watches it several times a week. Again, no kidding! I was shocked (as well as Mike) when she puts the DVD in the slot and the opening music starts. Mike had to laugh b/c while he took a bath one night, Maddie comes in our room and starts up the movie. Next thing he hears is the opening music: bahhhhhh bah bah bah bah bahhhhhh (trying to recreate the song, but it's kind of hard to do that on a blog). He just rolls his eyes and laughs. Course, Maddie knows that means Daddy is getting ready for bed, so she's got her movie ready. I think Mike's been subjected to watching more chick flicks than a normal daddy would. She loves to cuddle with Daddy at night ~ always has since she was born.

Anyways, I say this now because we have the girls' friends over and they're ALL singing on the top of their lungs.... to the music of this movie. KILL.ME.NOW!! Oh, I do have hearing aids, so I could just turn them off, right? But, they are so cute singing and watching this movie. Glad to know I'm instilling a love of fine art (*ahem*) in their minds.

A big shout out to Papa Nelson for the date night on Friday night. We had a BLAST! We loved dinner and our movie! Maddie even came home to Daddy and told him it was the best movie, and she loved it. As long as she had enough candy and treats to last her through the movie, I think she'll like anything. Ha ha!


  1. You are such a good mom. Loved the sandwich story. You are raising awesome girls.

    Too funny about the love of Phantom at your house...

  2. Madison has great taste! I read a bunch of posts at once, I have to ask how was Hairspray? worth renting?


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