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Friday, May 23, 2008

{What a Sweetheart}

Yesterday I took lunch to Katie and ate with her. I had a coupon for Mr Goodcents, buy a whole sub get another half for free. Good thing I used that because when I sat down to eat with her, one of her friends didn't have anything to eat. I asked her why wasn't she eating lunch, and Katie whispered to me "Mom, she doesn't have any money and she forgot her lunch". I felt so horrible, so I gave her some of our lunch for her to eat (not that Katie and I could eat a whole sub plus half of a sub... wait a minute, Katie probably could eat a whole one by herself, she's growing... that stinker). After school I asked Katie about this friend, and she basically said "well, she never buys lunch, and she's always starving to death before lunch, so whatever she does bring, she usually ends up eating part of it", then she went on to say "and by lunch all she has is a sandwich and a drink, and I feel so bad for her when I have so much food to eat, that I share my lunch with her". Sniff Sniff

So proud of my little girl being aware of other people and their needs, even if they don't say anything about their needs. I think learning about the homeless people in her previous school touched a nerve as she is ALWAYS aware of people's needs now.

And on a happy note....

Welcome to the world Emily Lauren!!
This is grandchild #6 for Mom & Dad Nelson, and the 4th little girl to enter in the cousin world. Congrats Tiff & Dan! She was born yesterday, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz. :) Can't wait to see her and smooch her to death!

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