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Thursday, May 1, 2008

PoOr KaTiE!!!

Poor Katie... and I mean POOR KATIE! Yesterday Madison took a small container of toothpicks to their bedroom. I told her to put it back. Did I follow up to make SURE she put it back? Nah, I trusted her because I'm so gullible in thinking my children actually listen to me! Well, last night, Katie gets into bed. I'm watching the end of American Idol, and here comes Katie hopping on one foot, crying her head off and in sheer agony. She has a TOOTHPICK in her foot! I don't know the "how, where, and why" aspect. All she could tell me was that when she pulled the covers up, it jammed right into her foot... a full INCH inside her foot. So, had to get Mike out of bed, while I held her down and he yanked. Poor kid, she has a puncture wound and can barely walk. I did make sure all the rest of the toothpicks were out of the bed (only found one), and had to retalk w/ Maddie how toothpicks are NOT for doing anything other than picking food out of a person's teeth!

But in all honesty, let's recap all of Katie's accidents/wounds. Let's see... broke her arm while 4 wheeling in the backyard, flipping the Barbie car and trapping both her and Madison underneath. Lacerated her liver last spring while turning and falling ON her handlebars... spent a few days in the hospital because of that. Kidney stones galore, sprained fingers (thanks Papa Rod for yanking her finger, she's able to finally move it now pretty freely). I know she has more battle wounds than any person I know that's her age.

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  1. Poor Katie! What a freak accident--with a toothpick! Who woulda thought......


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