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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yes, I bought Twilight.

I am not ashamed of that. At.All.

Yes, Mike watched it with me Saturday night. He lived. And semi-liked it. But he thought it was weird. Whatever.

Yes, my girls watched it with us halfway before we chased them to bed. Yes, Madison woke up early Sunday morning and tried to finish it before church. Yes, I threatened her if she didn't wear the outfit of my choice she wouldn't be able to finish Twilight (and yes, I'm a mean mom). and Yes, they did watch Twilight twice Sunday afternoon.

Yes, my girls laughed out LOUD when they saw Edward sleeping in the hospital bed.... "MOM! Edward is asleep and he said HE DOESN'T SLEEP... EVER!"

and Yes.... Katie turned her Teen Bop magazine poster (thanks Aunt Marcie!) to display Rob Pattinson as Edward (instead of the Jonas Brothers) on her wall. Whew! Eye candy for me!

She is bitten...... (but Maddie thinks he's Uhhhhgly!)


  1. Yes it sounds like Miss Katie has gotten bitten for sure.

  2. Ahh Katie is in on all the Edward drama, love it! Is Maddie a Jacob fan then? hehe

  3. I bought it too!! I also showed it to all my kids! They love it and have watched it three times already! Oh, and Don really liked it too!! How many more exclamation points should I put in this comment?!

  4. I got it too! Well, actually I was having morning sickness Saturday night and so my sweet honey went to the store and bought it for me. It's a very self assured man that can buy a chick for his wife. That is so cute that Katie loves it too!

  5. So funny! I wish my daughter had an edward poster!

  6. I love the books, and of course bought the movie!! I'm probably gonna watch it again tonite....just cause I can!!

  7. MAN!!! I forgot you came in town!!


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