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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{Everything Green & White}

Last night we had "everything green & white" because it was St Patrick's Day. I tried to do everything green, but couldn't figure out what to make for protein that was green. I don't think something moldy would have been acceptable (nor do I have anything moldy in my fridge). SO.... we had chicken (white & sadly, dry b/c I can't cook on a grill very well)... mashed potatoes (white, didn't want to put green food coloring in it b/c that's just WRONG!).... broccoli..... cabbage (sauteed w/ bacon).....sliced kiwi.....green grapes. Follow it all up with a small bowl of pistachio pudding with cool whip on top!

Tada! Green & white foods! I even had green tealight candles in a white tealight candle holders!

Also, get ready for more posting to come on our trip back home! We had a blast going back to KC! :)


  1. Your dinner looks awesome! I completely forgot yesterday was St. Patricks Day until the lady at the gym gave me a green sticker :o) So much for being on top of things!

  2. Very festive! I love St. Patricks day!! And I am so glad you had a great trip and are back in TEXAS!!

  3. What fun! You are such a cool Mom. I am and uncool Mom seeing as I completely forgot it was St Patrick's day altogether. Sad huh?

  4. That is so fun! What a good idea. We didn't do anything fun or cute yesterday because Ben has been living in the library (its mid-term week--gag!!) Cant wait for your KC trip post:)

  5. great St Patrick's day dinner.

  6. Cute Amy! You are so creative! Can't wait to see the pics from your KC trip! Remember our pact? I won't post pics of you if you don't post pics of me! HAHA! (We didn't really make one, but we should have!!)


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