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Friday, December 18, 2009

... the Lion King show

Years ago, when my brother & I were preteens, then teenagers.... my parents would expose us to various theatre performances. I remember going to an outdoor theatre in Kansas City, watching Bye Bye Birdie {I love you Danny, oh yes I do.. when you're not near me, I'm BLUE! Oh Danny I love you}. I can't believe I remember those lyrics. The name might be wrong, but I remember the tune!

Anyways, I had the opportunity to see several different theatre productions over the years. My favorite "grown up" production is The Phantom of the Opera. My friend Amy and I dressed up in our formals, and saw it. Oh, it was so beautiful. When the show came around again, I treated my mom to the show, and my dad paid his own ticket. I know... does that sound weird or what? I guess I was a tightwad. Anyways, I bought those tickets like in the fall of '96, before I met Mike. The show was for the weekend before Mike & I got married. I have wonderful memories of my dad getting dressed in a spiffy bright blue shirt with suspenders. We had a great time that night.

Well, I haven't been back to the big theatre productions since then, and that's been almost 13 years! There have been many shows I've been dying to see: Wicked (missed it twice in each city I've lived in), Phantom of the Opera (again.... I will never tire of this show!), the Lion King in Kansas City, among others.

Finally, the Lion King rolled around to San Antonio. I.had.to.go!! I missed out on Wicked a few months ago. I was sorely SORELY disappointed. I mean, my heart (and Katie's) broke in two. Literally. But, this time, I was going to expose my two girls to the theatre.

I knew my girls would know the story line. Katie used to wake up at 2 in the morning when she was a little baby, and we watched the Lion King every single night. Yawn! Both my girls loved the movie, so the story line would be easy for them to follow.

We sat in the cheap seats (nosebleed section, I'll tell you!) in the Majestic Theatre, and W.O.W! What an amazing experience! The look on my girls' faces was worth every single penny I spent to get them to the show. Their face lit up through it all. They laughed. They bopped along to the music. One almost fell asleep I think. 10:45 is pushing her bedtime a little.

Enjoy a little sampling of what we saw! And, if it comes to a town near you, it's a must see!

A big thanks to Mandi, my dear friend, for coming along w/ us!


  1. SO awesome!!!

    I love Bye Bye Birdie...my Mom had a VHS tape of it. LOVE it!

  2. Wow, what an even for them to remember. You are a 1st class mom.


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