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Sunday, December 6, 2009

...the many faces of Mike

I have noticed something lately every single time I attempt to take a picture of Mike.
He won't smile.
He makes funny faces.
It's really irritating me.
Maybe that's why we have YET to get family pictures?
Let me prove it to you....

The "make a weird face" look

Dude... only 12 year old kids hold up the Peace sign anymore

The "fake surprise" look

The "fake laugh" look

The "stick out your tongue" look

The "whistle" look

The "clench your lips together & grin it and bear it" look

The "talking while I'm taking a picture" look

FINALLY! A decent smile! He really does look good when he smiles!


  1. Ha lol. Don't forget Miley Cyrus, she throws up the peace sign all the time too lol.


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