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Monday, January 3, 2011

the latest movie fave is.....

My girls alway get a new movie for Christmas. One year it was several Harry Potter movies to catch us up (we had the VHS movies). Another year it was whatever Disney movie came out shortly before Christmas. Most of the time when they were little, it was some princess movie.

Then they grew up. Those stinkers....

And I bought them a very OLD movie (well, 1967).

One of my favorite movies from when I was a kid!

It has dancing! It has music!! It has JULIE ANDREWS!! {who doesn't love a good Julie Andrews movie? She's so beautiful and talented!} It has humor! It has action! It has mystery! It has romance! I mean, it's got the makings of a GREAT movie!

I present to you our Christmas movie of 2010:


My girls watched this movie I think 3 times on Christmas day. OK, maybe only two... then the next day they watched it again. I think they watched it a few more times last week. Finally, we watched it while at our property this past weekend.

It's rated G, but I have to laugh b/c the "H" word (H-E-double hockey sticks) and the "B" word (that rhymes with witch) is in the movie. Other than that... we LOVE this movie! I found it on Amazon for only $11.49. A bargain since you can't find it anywhere!

One of the characters in the movie is some dance teacher, and his only words he had to learn was "yeah, yeah". We crack up every time he comes and says "yeah yeah..." Carol Channing plays in this as well, and her fabulous "RAZZZBerries" has me & my girls laughing & giggling as we try to imitate her. Ahhh.... absolutely love this movie. :) Check it out.


  1. I lOVE that movie too! I wish I could watch it with you, in fact I may put it in my que! Glad you guys had a good Christmas. xoxo Marc

  2. Oh... so fun! I love that movie too!!

  3. So fun!! I love that movie. It's a great one.

  4. Amy- just received the crayola pixiepop art prize in the mail!!!! Hannah went crazy! We can't wait to play; thanks Ames and crayola =) =)

  5. Love that movie. I should be getting it soon from Netflix.


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