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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Science Project.... OK, Maddie's Science Project

So two weeks Maddie came home with paperwork detailing things that she needed to include to make a phenomenal Solar System project.  ::groan::  So already had her information written out as far as what she was going to put on the posterboard, and she picked her planet out:  NeptuneNo problem.


She told me she wanted a yellow posterboard because Neptune was blue, and "yellow goes very well with blue."  Her words, I kid you not.

So, she typed up her information, misspellings and all.  I prettied it up using fonts and made corrections.  Everything was done with Maddie looking over my shoulder like a hawk looks for mice.  She approved.

So, I set out to buy the posterboard (which, isn't easy to find yellow posterboard anywhere!).  The day we're supposed to pull it together, she said "oh, and get me a foam ball.".  Wha.... what?!!  So, I drive to Michael's, buy a $3.99 styrofoam ball (when did they get so expensive?), and blue spray paint (Periwinkle to match Neptune's color)... which came to $5.99 (ouch... what am I going to do w/ blue spray paint after this?). 

I didn't know styrofoam was so hard to cut through.  I even used a serrated knife.

Did you know that blue spray paint makes your hand look like a smurf?

It also doesn't come out very well.  Luckily I tried nail polish remover, so that worked pretty well, and I no longer resemble a blue smurf.

We cut letters out with my Cricut, glued everything down, then she brings out the glitter.  Oh dang.  Glitter?  So, we make pretty stars across the page, and she decides she's not done.  Oh no... she wants even more glitter ON the letters.  ::groan::  Hey, I stopped her from stamping stars all over the page, so if she wanted to glitter, I told her to go for it.  Thankfully, she stopped there.  Whew!


Now glitter is coming out of my nose when I blow my nose, and it's stuck in the cracks of my table.  But, the darn science project is DONE!

I am pretty proud of it.  Er, I am pretty proud of Maddie's project!



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