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Sunday, January 23, 2011


When fall came around, I was busy shooting pictures every weekend, sometimes 2 times a weekend.  Holding down a full time job as well as broadening my experience in photography was NOT easy!  So, when the time came around to think about OUR cards, and what we were going to send out, I realized that I completely neglected my own little family and pictures.  So, one night after school, I told the girls to put something on that coordinated OK together, did their hair (or rather, I did Maddie's hair), and posed them outside our home.  In front of the fence.  Five minutes later, I was done.  Easy!  I was able to snap some adorable pictures of my girls that captures them just as sisters should be.

Now all I have to do is pick one of these pictures that I am going to enlarge to a 16x20 over my couch... (black & white)... HMM, decisions!  What would you pick?

{this is a pretty bad picture as far as it's blurry, but I LOVE their expressions in this picture}


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous. If it were me, I'd pick the 5th one and keep it in color. :D

  2. love them all, and I would pick the 5th one because I love the laughter between them. :) You are amazing!

  3. Amy! What beautiful girls :) I would totally do the 4th one down in black and white. Although I LOVE the others, when you are going to use it as more of an "art piece" I think the face on, sweet expressions on that one is perfect for your space! I have large photos of my children in place of artwork on my walls in many places - I LOVE it! My children are MY greatest works of art, so why not? :)
    -Tammy (Robinson) Schick


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