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Friday, March 11, 2011

Highs & low's in my life this week

This week has been a difficult week for me. 

I haven't felt very well (thank you Mr. Sore Throat, Ms. Tickle Down Your Throat, Mr. Ear Pressure, and Mrs. Snot -- you really are a snot!). 

I got news from Katie that she might not be interested in taking Highland Dance anymore. There goes 7 years of training.... :( I am OK with her stopping, but since this was the first I heard about it, I'm kind of have mixed feelings. So, we might be taking a few months off of dancing for a break.

I didn't exercise like I wanted to this week due to activities every single night this week (thank you Katie's Track practice every day, dance lesson on Monday, monthly dance lesson Tuesday night, Young Women on Wednesday night, and Primary Meeting & Book Club on Thursday night). 

Oh, my schedule??  Wanna know how my schedule went this week?

Monday:  Pick Maddie & her friend Tressa up from piano at 4:30 .... race to take Tressa home and pick up Katie 25 minutes late (she gets out at 4:30 also)... then force feed my girls a banana (for potassium according to my dad - when you sweat you eat a banana) and a small 100 calorie pack of Cheezits because that's all I had in my house for a snack  Cheese(its) and banana!  It's the perfect diet!  NOT!  But, oh well, whoever said I'm the perfect mother?  Not me!  Oh, back to my driving:  ....race down the street 4 miles following every single boneheaded slow driver to get the girls to dance (we're late since it starts at 5:00).  Go home, exercise on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then race back to pick them up.  Get home by 7:00 and start on dinner (chicken quesadilla, the gourmet dinner of the week, seriously!).  Fall asleep by 9:00.  Seriously!

tired yet?  Just wait...

Tuesday:  Pick up Katie at track at 4:30, race home in rush hour traffic to make dinner, and leave by 6:30 to get to their monthly dance class.  Stay until 8:30, leave and make it home by 9:00.  Whew... OH, I did manage to fold a few loads of laundry in between this time!  Dinner???... didn't make it.  Made the girls fend for themselves (please, nominations for Mother of the Year award this way!!). 

Wednesday:   I was supposed to have a Primary meeting tonight, but since I received a phone call from the Stake Young Women Presidency asking me to take pictures for their Fashion Show, and that they wanted Katie to be a "paparazzi" actress that night, we have to be at the church by 6:30.  No biggie....  My Primary meeting got cancelled b/c 3 of us are sick w/ sore throats/sinus infections, but I'm still expected to be at the church.  Leave church by 8:15 and get home by 8:45 (yes, we live a good 20 minute drive away from the chapel.  It sucks.)  Oh, in case you are dying for what we had for dinner, it was burritos. OH, my recipe?  So easy!  Open a can of refried beans, a can of green chiles, a can of roast beef, stir and slap on a flour tortilla... instant dinner!  Like I said, perfection at its finest!

Thursday:  Primary Meeting at 6:30 ... over by 8:15, dash over to Book Club (I really went there just for the food, I didn't even read the book.  Slacker, I know!  But, with a schedule like mine, who has time to read?  Anyone?!)   Leave Book Club by 9:00 since I have Maddie with me and she's making these "I'm DYING over here" looks with her face and it's really embarrassing me.  Dinner?  Subway... (not Subways like I'm always saying, it's SUBWAY! But seriously, SubwayS just sounds so much better).

Friday:  Take work off a little early and go sit at the RediClinic to see what in the heck is wrong with me.  Get a prescription (sinus infection), get it filled and walk around the grocery store like a zombie trying to figure out what in the world it is that I need in my refrigerator.  Unload at home, dash to get Maddie from Sign Club, go home.... clean up house.... order a pizza and refuse to pay the $2.20 fee to deliver the Papa John's pizza, so it's carryout for us tonight... pick up Maddie's BFF Tressa for a fun playdate..... dash to get the pizza (with the gas prices going up so high, I probably should've just had them deliver)... made brownies, and let the girls basically do whatever they want (makeovers, hair, and yes, they asked to give me a shoulder & foot massage, and really, who is going to refuse that?!)

If you think this week was bad, you should've heard about my week last week!  Ha!!  This week was easy peezy compared to last week!  (but I did have a major High that week, I went to Wicked!!!)
I realized that I placed "Highs and Low's in my life", and I'm currently struggling to figure out what was my high this week.  Hmm....  trying to think......


................thinking some more.............

I might have to change the title of this post to "Low's of my week" because I really can't think of anything positive that happened this week -- only that I'm exhausted and could use an entire weekend to stay in bed and eat bonbons (OK, totally kidding on the bon bons!  I meant fruit!!   Or rather, I meant chocolate with fruit!). 

Oh, I lost 1.6 pounds at Weight Watchers, but I had also gained 1.6 pounds the week before (thankyouverymuchAuntFlo) ..... so that kind of was a given, in my mind.

.... to be continued when I find a High!!


  1. Hope this next week is better!

  2. so sorry you had a busy week.. I hope you get some rest over the weekend...


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