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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I heart camera straps

A few months ago I won a blog giveaway for a camera strap!  I picked out the camera strap I wanted -- and I was tickled pink when I got it in the mail!

The only thing that concerned me was that it was a slip on camera strap.  A year ago, when I ordered another camera strap, I didn't order a slip on because I wasn't sure if it would stay in place!  So, I opted for a camera strap that had the attachables with it --  

Well, this time, it was a slip cover, so I was VERY intrigued as to how it would work.  Let me say, it works GREAT!!  It's SO much cheaper to get a slip on cover and you can change it up to match your outfit that you're wearing, etc.  It also has a lens cap holder -- and trust me, that's a must have if you want a camera strap!  I am forever misplacing my cap!!  I do believe this strap is very well made!

The giveaway I won came from Tootsie's Place == created by Sarah & Mel.  I believe the prices are VERY affordable (between $10-12 dollars!) plus they have some cute accessories like flowers to adorn the strap!  I love that it doesn't move around on my strap!!  So, check them out -- and tell 'em I sent you. :)


  1. I am SO glad you like it!!!! I am going shopping for more fabric this weekend so keep your eyes peeled on Monday for some NEW additions!


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