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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We've got volleyball fever!!

Last season I became a volleyball coach.  By accident, really.  We had a volleyball coach, but his work took him away from coaching the girls -- so I took over.  I probably should've let him be the coach when he had time again, but I didn't....  I found that I loved it!

So I coached another season.

This time Maddie joined our team.  Our team is really only for girls 10-12 years old.  Maddie is 9.  So I moved her up to join Katie (she can still play until September).  I went from having 7 girls to having 11 girls on my team.  Woah!  That is HUGE!

But, I'm having so much fun, and seeing the girls progress and excel just brings joy to my heart.

I passed my camera along to one of the moms to take some pictures of all the girls.  I'm just posting my girls this time.  


Watching Maddie bite her tongue as she serves makes my heart happy.  


Watching Katie practice and perfect her serve is wonderful. 





Watching Maddie come off the court at practice and tattle on Katie, makes my heart... mad.  Angry.  Embarrassed.... so I said in clenched teeth "you better git your butt back on that court and I don't want to hear another word about your sister staring at you the wrong way just because you drank out of her water bottle."  I think she got the point.


  1. I'm so impressed-- being a volleyball coach ranks with spiders as one of my biggest fears. :) Love the teeth-clenched warning, I've used it any a time.

  2. I like the tongue picture too. Both Ryan and Grayson stick their tongues out when they are concetrating. You are a super mom!


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