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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Growing up... her first heels!

Katie looked especially cute one day for church.  She needed a belt for this dress, so I suggested a scarf.  Then I suggested these hot pink pearl beads with a knot in the middle (which she was totally unsure of the entire day, and finally removed them before her Young Woman's class). 

Then, she added her first pair of heels!  We found them at Payless for a very ridiculous price of $5, and they're silver which go perfectly with almost ANY color!

So I made her go outside by our garage and model for me.

You can tell she's very embarrassed by this. :)


These next two pictures.... which edit do you like better?  First one or second one?  Can you even tell?



Her next question on her quest to grow up?  "When can I wear eye shadow?"

My answer?  "Not until you're married.  You're beautiful the way you are."


  1. What a doll!! I remember my mom's rule for eyeshadow was "As long as your dad can't tell." So much fun!!

    And I like the first edit better. :D

  2. You're right, she is gorgeous. :) I like the first edit better but I'm no expert!

  3. She did look cute that Sunday and I wish she'd have kept the pearls on! She is beautiful!

    I like the first edit better the light in the top left looks like natural sunglow. :)


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