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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Traditions never die

Last week was Easter.  We have traditions...  Traditions that Mike wants to stop because simply the girls know the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.  However, the girls have no intentions of letting the traditions end.  Neither does their momma.

Two years ago I made buckeyes in the shape of eggs -- covered with melted chocolate chips.  Tastes just like a Reese's peanut butter cup!  Though, it would be much more cost effective and time effective if I just buy a bag of the peanut butter cups instead of making these babies.  They're a pain to make.  However, tradition (is it a tradition if we only made it once?!) called for me to make these babies.

For several years now I have hid messages in my girls eggs when they go hunting for eggs around the house.  NOTE:  when kids get older, injuries may happen ... take the eggs outside from now on!  I was so worried my apothecary jars were going to land on the floor the way my girls were making a beeline for those darn eggs.

Anyways, those messages said things like "oops!  Sorry!  Next time!"  or "Sorry!  Keep looking!"  Click on that link so you can read my past blog post.  There was then a paper that indicated they were the grand prize winner -- and they received the gift on behalf of the family (it's always a family gift -- usually a movie).

Well, this year I was completely worn out!  I had SO much I had to do -- that all things Easter went on my back burner.  Yes, I bought plastic eggs.  I bought the candy to go in it.  Did I put the candy in it?  NO ... Katie did it.  Katie also made the little papers because I was just too tired.  She kept up the tradition -- and had a blast.  I think I'm ready for her to do it from now on!  She's such a funny kid.....


Baskets this year came in the form of reusable baskets for the bathrooms.  Clever thinking, I think!!  I am going to do photoboxes next year -- we have a ton of pictures floating around!

Sorry for the horrible pictures... I'm shooting on manual setting and it appears I have yet to master it.  While it looks fine on my little screen but put it on my computer.. well, I get pretty disappointed.

Katie's basket


Maddie's basket:


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