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Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love this picture of Maddie... but it's all fuzzy. :(

Look at those little butt-cheekies (as Mike calls them)
So glad someone has a tiny butt in this family.....
This year we had an Easter Egg hunt at church. They held it in the backyard of a couple, and it was drop dead gorgeous back there! Talk about a mini waterfall with a pool and a beautiful jacuzzi.... ::swoon:: Anyways! Our church ward has about 25'ish+ kids total (small ward), and the kids were allotted 10 eggs each. The girls had a blast. This is Katie's final year in Primary (which is from ages 3-12), so she lived up her last year at an Easter Egg hunt at church. Following this egg hunt, there was a huge BBQ for all the adults & kids. It was a huge hit, and very delicious!

Ummm.... 10 eggs Madison! Not 20... or 30!

Katie & her two friends from church: Summer & Darcy

The next morning, the Easter Bunny (who is about to retire, I think.... or WANTS to retire) had a small treasure hunt. She laid out a bunch of eggs with paper inside that said "sorry... keep looking!" until the treasure piece of paper that said "Congratulations! You won the big prize!!" was found. {{Easter bunny said she was tired of putting candy into the eggs....}} Katie was the big winner this time. I found some great movies at Ross' for only $4.99. Yes, cheap I am, but they're good movies!! My only regret for this entire Easter celebration was that I wasn't in gear enough to do my Easter Egg Family Home Evening lesson (which has like a sacrament cup, thorn, red piece of fabric, three dimes, and the final egg is empty which symbolizes the resurrection... yeah, forgot to do that ::smack::).

Then the girls put on their dresses given to them by Great Grandma Dee (my grandma), and away to church we went.

We came home, and I made a delicious dinner of ham (w/ coca-cola in the bottom, and it was FANTASTIC!), potato casserole, asparagus & my strawberry/mozzarella salad. Mike's boss & her little family came over, and she made homemade angel cake (yummy!!) with strawberries on top. Oooh.. strawberry shortcake was so yummy! We had a wonderful time with them.


  1. How fun! Your daughters are so pretty! The easter dinner sounded like it was really yummy. We had tv dinners. :)

  2. looks like you had wonderful Easter.
    The Princess Bride is one of may favorites movies.
    YOU dinner sound so good.:)

  3. You are making me so starving@ Love the pics:)

  4. The girls look darling and I love the "sorry keep looking idea"-hahah:) Sounds like you guys have fit right in! Good for you guys. I'm glad you had a good Easter.

  5. what a cute idea with the eggs and a prize. if only i could do that with the dogs......


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