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Thursday, April 23, 2009

{Run #2 of Week 4 C25K, and the dr said....}

Yesterday morning early, I had to make a pit stop at the doctor. Remember me asking for prayers that my thyroid would be L-O-W (I know... stupid thing to ask for). Well, after talking to my doctor (who, BTW, I LOVE!!), she said that she would definitely put me on thyroid meds for a bit even if my test turned out on the low normal side (YAY!). But, she was wondering about my cortisol level as well (last year I had a pretty stressful year).... and my blood sugar level..... and something else that I can't remember. Oh, and my blood pressure was THROUGH THE ROOF! I was surprised I didn't have a stroke. It's never been that high at all. I'm usually the normal 120/80 girl. So, hopefully by Friday morning I'll find out what the verdict is. The doctor said she would also put me on phentamine just for 4-6 weeks only to help kick start my weight loss & metabolism as well. I don't have a prescription yet though, so we'll see.... So, had 4 vials of the red stuff taken from me, and hopefully I'll be on the road to thinness soon!

After going to the doctor, I took my second run of the week (Week #4). It was about 11:15 when I went, and by noon it was almost 90, so it was a little on the hot side to be running (well, for me it was!). I started off great, but by the last round of my runs, I was really struggling. Cursing in my head that I hate running. I had to tell myself "OK, just make it to that tree.... OK, now make it to THAT tree". Then I did something really stupid. I thought "well, all these runners all kick their legs & knees up high and run.... let's try that". Umm, yeah. That hurt, and it lasted for about 5 seconds. Didn't do that again!

I dragged myself home again (literally). And I think the dirty house people finally cleaned. It didn't smell!! The "house that always smells good" was doing laundry again. LOVE her detergent (or fabric softener!).

This morning, I woke up w/ a Charlie Horse (note to self: drink more milk!), and I am


  1. Wow, running in 90 degree weather sounds like the pits! I hope you drank a lot of water after that. I think you are doing so great! I am way impressed with your dedication. You are going to be a skinny minny in no time!

  2. you crack me up talking about the "dirty house people" and the "house that always smells good"!

  3. 90 degrees, that is to hot to be running in! :)

    So sorry about your Charlie Horse.

  4. dang girl! i hope the doc is able to get to the bottom of things soon! you are doing so well, i'm so proud of you! keep up the good work and it will pay off!!

  5. You crack me up! Good luck with the doctor.

  6. I stumbled on your blog somehow, but I can't resist. You should try drinking chocolate milk after running (if you don't already). It has magical properties and speeds up recovery. I drink it after all of my long runs when I am in training for my races and I hardly ever get sore. Good luck to you!!


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