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Saturday, April 18, 2009

{week 3, run 3 of C25K}

It's been pouring down rain here for the past two days, and today is also supposed to be raining cats & dog. So, I went to the gym for my run #3.

First of all, running on the treadmill is SO much easier than running on the pavement. I like it much more. However, if I ever want to do a 5K, then I have to do this on the pavement. Kind of like doing the harder thing so when I do the easier thing it's a piece of cake (rather than doing it on the treadmill then try to run outside.... immediate PAIN! I'm sure!!)

So, it wasn't as hard as it normally was for me. I did like the bounce in the treadmill.... I don't get that on the pavement. My calves did burn a lot though.

Next week... I fear next week. ::shuddering::


  1. What? you think running in treadmill is SO much easier than running on the pavement. I disagree girl. i thinking running outside is a lot easier.
    So when is your 5k?

  2. You go girl!!! I think you are doing awesome. I am dying to get back into running.

  3. I'm with you-- pavement is much harder. I'm so impressed with you! Keep going!

  4. You crack me up! Good job on the running! I prefer to run outside, I get bored on the treadmill.

  5. I recently discovered Overstock too - - the joy! Yes, I made this realization about pavement, too. It's so much harder than the treadmill. :( (unfortunately)...


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