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Thursday, April 30, 2009

{and the doctor said....}

well, actually, the PA said....

My blood tests came back normal. My thyroid level is normal, but a "low" normal, so basically borderline still. My cortisol level is fine, I'm not diabetic, and everything else they tested was fine. However, my cholesterol was high..... so he told me to {get this}... EXERCISE and eat healthy. ::snort:: Yeah, I've only been doing that religiously since.... January? Like 5 days a week? What was I before I exercised? On my deathbed? and I brought it down to High? I dunno.

So, I told him I still wanted to talk to the doctor (w/o paying another $25 copay to talk to her) over the phone as she told me she still was going to put me on thyroid meds if it was a normal low.... as well as phentamine. We'll see what happens, and IF she calls me back.

Tomorrow I run 20 minutes straight. However, I just discovered Exercise On Demand, and wow oh wow! Did I find some great exercise stuff there! There is tons of 10 minute videos that concentrate on arms, abs, etc. There is a few Biggest Loser videos on there (did one, and I was cursing Bob for all the lunges he was having me do). Oh, and can't forget Carmen Elecktra's Striptease video. That was funny. ::snicker:: She kept saying 'OK, now, 5-6-7-8 and a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8', so it was more like a dance video than an exercise video.

So, after doing all those lunges today, I *hope* I can make it through the run tomorrow. Lunges kill me & my legs for a few days.

About my cholesterol. Need to study up on that. Not 100% sure what to eat or do. I know Cheerio's & oatmeal! But beyond that, I'm flabbergasted. Now what do I do? Eat oatmeal for every meal? Cut out red meat? Any ideas? Pop an Omega 3 pill? Y'all know I hate fish, so will it give me a fish taste if I happen to burp? If it does, I'll be running to the toilet puking.

And Y'all want pictures of me sporting my bandana & vintage '80's headband (when I get it)? yeah... right.

You ain't getting it! :P

Or, I might put it on my girls so you can see it in its glory. Maybe I might rustle up some leg warmers too.... great....now I feel like listening to Flashdance.


  1. A striptease video!! LOL!! It sounds like you are doing really awesome with your exercise.

  2. ugh! lunges are the worst. They start out fun and then you kill your legs later. I love your posts, you crack me up! But keep on exercising you are working so hard!!

  3. Girl, go to the health food store and get flax seeds (you can buy the amount you want measured out). It will cost you like 2$. Its really high in omega 3's and fiber. Dont get the powder, get the seeds and eat it in your cereal. Just a tsp a day or so. I eat it because its good for the babies brain development. I swear it tastes fine. I dont even notice it:) I have never seen the ex chanel. I must have different cable then you:(

  4. Dan had high blood pressure 2 weeks ago (so high they wanted to put him on meds) and he declined. He took 4 days off work to be with the kids(while I was in Cali) and now his blood pressure is below normal. So, maybe you should cut back on your stress (I know this isn't really realistic). I've heard doing yoga really helps. I put flax seed in my slim fast or smoothies in the morning and I don't notice it. Oh, you need to cut back on salt and caffeine (this throws your blood pressure way up)this was the advice our Dr. gave to us, and eat more potassium.

  5. Thanks for the updated. One of my good friends was also put on thyroid meds a few weeks ago. I have been trying to get her to start exercise with me, NO LUCK!!!
    Way to go on your running.

  6. You need to check out the belly dancing workout - you'll love that one too. So will Mike (ha! ha!)!


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