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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

{the fling, the swords}

they rested to watch the men in kilts throw haystacks with a pitchfork.....awesome!
Saturday the girls participated in the Highland Games here locally. Since they are no longer competing, they joined a Highland Dance group that is a performing group. They danced two time brackets on Saturday. Maddie danced the Sword dance, Katie did several dances with the other girls, and one on her own: the Seann Trius. Both girls danced with the rest of the ensemble to the Highland Fling.

Here are a few of the pictures I took....

the Fling (their teacher is in the middle)

the finale of the Seann Trius (she has to do a big leap and land like that)

dancing the Seann Trius

dancing around a sword


  1. I think its great that you keep them involved in their dancing! Plus I seems like they really like it:)

  2. Girls you look awesome! katie looks so graceful, I think she should be in ballet.


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