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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{Day 2 of C25K}


This hurts.

I was a little sore yesterday from day 1 (which I ran on Monday). I did 30 minutes of serious biking @ the gym as well as 30 minutes of weight training. I felt pretty good, just a few sore spots here & there on parts of my legs. THEN, I ran today. {{gasp}} I went at 10:15 this morning, walking my 5 minutes first, then started the 60 seconds run/90 seconds walk. I did this for about 25 minutes. Which is still better than the 20 minutes they want you to do. I think I felt better running than I did walking. Walked my 5 minutes home, which I was dragging my body home it felt...

I also noticed that I run funny. My left leg doesn't seem to want to lift all the way. So, my right foot is going "heel/toe" but my left foot just pounces the pavement, and I don't think it goes "heel/toe" at all. I am thinking Mike needs to see me run to see if I'm right. I feel like my left leg isn't very strong, which is why I'm running this way. I'm going to take it easy today & tomorrow, then run on Friday.

I do know I can tell a difference when I run on pavement vs running on a treadmill. A month or so ago, I was able to run 20 minutes straight without stopping on a treadmill. Then I stopped. Pavements HURT! But.. I'm still keeping the goal of running with my girls on their bikes in my mind. I HAVE to do this!


  1. Good for you girl!!! Starting running always kills your body at first. You have to give it a week and you will be doing great!!!! FYI-- sprinting will cause huge leg cramps and muscle cramps the next day-- take it at a slow jog for a few days. Keep it up:)

  2. Yeah amy! My friends and I have been running for about 3 weeks (since I hate it, I thought I would try to make myself like it). It does get easier, kind of. It might be your running shoes, If I don't have the right type my legs and feet do funny things.


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