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Thursday, April 2, 2009

{Lunch Woes}

This morning I was packing a lunch for the girls. I asked Madison to bring me her lunch box, so I could stash it with her lunch. I asked her "did you empty your lunchbox for me yesterday?" (she has a problem emptying it, resulting in leaking box juice all over her lunchbox). Here is her cute reply:

Madison: Yes, I emptied it, but I'm so so sorry I didn't eat all my lunch.

Me: Why didn't you eat your lunch?

Madison: Because Paige grossed me out.

Me: Why did Paige gross you out?

Madison: Well.... she scratched her butt, then she took the SAME hand and picked her nose, THEN she ate it. And.... I just couldn't eat after that.

Me: ::giggling:: Yeah, I probably wouldn't be able to eat after that either.

Madison: But Mom! she's still a good person! I still like her and want to be her friend! {in a total serious tone & expression}

So, to all those 1st grader's, butt scratching, nose picking (and eating)...... quit grossing my kid out. She needs to eat!

Side note: Madison has a weak stomach. She throws up if she sees someone else throwing up (i.e. when Katie 's coughing so hard she throws up .... well, Madison is running to another bathroom or kitchen to throw up as well).


  1. That's hilarious. Ryan is the same, he will leave his half eaten lunch in his lunch pail til the next time he takes a lunch, which sometimes could be a week! lol.

  2. That would gross me out too! Maddie is such a forgiving friend. :) And keep up your excellent work on your C25K!!!

  3. Kids say the craziest things! We love you Maddie!!

  4. i have a week stomach too, i can relate! although as a mother, i have seen much worse and still have been able to finish my lunch. why is that?

  5. LOL!!! That is hilarious! I love that she stills loves her friend though. So cute!


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