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Monday, March 21, 2011

when life gives you dear friends....

When life gives you dear friends, you have lunch with them and celebrate your friendship... and their birthdays!

**edited to say that I have already WRITTEN this post & published it, just not sure WHERE it went?!!  GRR!**

I have this amazing group of friends that welcomed me with open arms when we moved here to San Antonio almost three years ago.  (GASP for air!  man, that was a LONG sentence!).  Coincidentally, four of them all share a March birthday, so this year we all celebrated in style... on a Saturday late morning at a new cafe that is right down the road... La Vie.  Very awesome (and totally yummy!). 

Sadly, we were missing our fourth birthday girl ... she was on a house hunting trip.  We sure missed you Mandi!


I ate this .... an "Albuturque" sandwich which had mesquite turkey, avocado, tomato, some kind of cheese, a hatch chile, with a jalapeno bread w/ Aioli (or something like that...) spread.  It was delicious!  I ordered the sweet potato fries, and boy did they not disappoint!  Yummm!!


and my little gift I got my dear friends Katie, Jenn, Rebecca & Mandi?  Since they're all SO old, I got them all the Classic Edition of Uno.  :)  I did a pretty poor job of playing w/ the words so that it went w/ the Uno game.  :O


Friends really are the best!


  1. What a gorgeous bunch of gals! Weet a whoo! I wish I could have been there, too...

  2. Lunch with friends always makes for a great day! Thanks Amy! And your gift was perfect, UNO is the game started playing when we met and somehow that worked in getting us to date...get married...and the rest is history. Come to think of it, I always LOSE, but I love the game.
    Thanks for being a great friend.


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