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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I was kissed... by a beluga whale!

My sister in law Tiffany & her family came down to San Antonio for spring break.  We've loved having them here!  While they were here, we made a trip to Sea World.... and since I have a dear friend who is one of the animal trainers at Sea World (specifically the beluga whales & dolphins), I was able to score a backstage view of these gorgeous animals!! 

You can see Valerie in action here:


Then afterwards, we went backstage and managed to touch or even KISS the beluga whale!!
Thanks SO much Valerie for the sneak peak!  Trust me, it was THE highlight of everyone's day!!

For the record, Katie was being a .... teenager..... and wasn't all that sure about the whole scenario of kissing a beluga whale.


and of course... I was not afraid to kiss a beautiful beluga whale!!


Katie & Tiff waiting to watch the 4D show

Maddie & I getting ready to watch the show....


This next set of pictures cracks me UP!  See how sad and bored all the kids look...

Now see them!  Once the ride goes down, they all smile & laugh!



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