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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I heart Bobby Sherman ....

When I was a very young girl... back in the late '70's, I used to listen to my mom & dad's records.  They had a record by Bobby Sherman.

Oh Bobby Sherman.  How I stared at you for lengths at time.  Your dreamy blue eyes and dark brown hair.  You were very ::swoon::worthy.  My mom would tell me I would play the record over and over and over again.

Fast forward about 13 years, and a friend and I were going through her dad's record collection.  I found Bobby Sherman's record -- and I was immediately taken back to my little Amy days -- singing "Little Woman" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" .. and "Julie, Do Ya Love Me?"   Ahhhh...

This morning I was trying to figure out iTunes (again ... this piece of software is the hardest thing for me to figure out!) -- and so I started looking up songs, and Bobby Sherman popped in my head.  Which led me to YouTube .. and I found some of his old videos. 

Helllooooo Bobby Sherman!  We meet at last again!  In my eyes, as a mid 30-something year old Mom, you still captured my heart and eyes when I watched your video.  Rewind my days back to when I would sit with the big headphones on my ears playing the record over .. and over ... and over again.

I know I kid my girls over their girly crushes like Justin Bieber ... and Taylor Lautner (Maddie still insists she's marrying him) -- but this crush happened when I was younger than they were!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Bobby Sherman!

After watching these videos a few times..... I notice some similarities.  Doesn't he look a little like Zac Efron?

And the hair styles... aren't the boys wearing hair styles from the '70's now?!  Or late '60's?!!!


  1. I think I was born in the wrong country and the wrong generation. This is the kind of cheese that I REALLY love!

  2. YES i think he does look a little like Zac Efron.
    LOVE Bobby's dance moves.. :)


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