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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mama 'n Me Journals

I found this amazing idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and suddenly KNEW I had to do this idea!  It's a journal/notebook in which you & your child write letters back & forth to each other.  You place it on their pillow each time you write.  I found it on this site


Yesterday I went ahead and made my girls' journal.  It was a trial and error for me -- since I was trying to "cutesify" their journal as much as possible.  Oh well -- next time I'll just stick w/ a plain notebook.  :)

I think they turned out cute -- and I placed them on my girls pillow under the covers.  When I peeked on Maddie when she was in bed, she was already writing her note back to me.  Katie came in later and said "check your dresser before you go to bed!" -- I had letters waiting for me to read.





What makes my heart happy is to see my 13 year old finally say "this is a cool idea!"  I never knew how much I'd have to work at making a teenager accept something that I thought would be a "cool" idea.


  1. LOVE THIS! Tressa will be in heaven!

  2. Fabulous idea! Keeping this for a few years. Do you think boys would think its cool too :) simply a treasure to always keep.

  3. I love this too! The one thing I would have to do is scan it, once it was done. So then I can have a copy too!


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