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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mike's ... uh ... Katie's pinewood derby car

Katie's youth group held a pinewood derby race last night at church.  She procrastinated until two days before the race to even START on her car. 

Anyways, Mike & Katie (when I say both the names, it's really Mike who did the work... Katie cheered and kept her dad company) started on her car on Monday night.

Mike & Katie (remember... Mike only) labored on Katie's car for a few hours.  Just for the record... there were NO rules for this race!  That means, it can be HEAVY!  and have axles that does ... something.  :)

Tuesday night they (he) labored on it even more -- painting the car, buffing the tires, polishing the tires -- and all sorts of stuff I have no clue what they did or even why they did it.

Here is Mike sanding down the wheels.  I could go into a commentary of why he does this, but I don't understand why he's sanding down the wheels, so it just makes sense that I don't even attempt this!


If you can see it, the car has an "airflow" which is blah blah blah (again, I tuned out at this scientific explaination of why the car has to be this way.)  Just notice how it's cut.  I never said I did well in science.


A blow dryer is always good to have to speed up the drying process...

More polishing ....

Look at those pearly shiny tires!

Mike decorates Katie's car ... she is at a loss of how to decorate it, so it is all left up to Mike to make a girly looking car.  It is not a girly looking car, let me just say that.  I think polka dots would have made it girlier -- but that is my opinion.  He did a FINE job (said in the voice of Forrest Gump) of decorating it though.

More drying.  I will note that there are no pictures of me holding the dryer --
so technically I helped too!
"Katie .... this car needs a name"
"uh ... how about exterminator"
"that's too long...."
me:  "how about Blondie..."
"sounds good"
and that, my friends.. is how this car came to be called Blondie.


Since I was not able to be here at this race (I was at another church activity for Maddie in a different location) -- Mike took the little point and shoot and snapped a few pictures of the race.  The rest of the pictures are his and only his. 

and there she goes!!!

In conclusion .... Katie's car was very fast.  VERY fast.  Apparently it was THE car to beat.  However, another car bumped her car and an accident occured ... wheel fell off and Katie shrieked "My dad did it!  DAD!  FIX IT!" at the top of her lungs.  She's a bit competitive her dad realized last night.  VERY competitive.  Wonder where she got that from?  Definitely not me.

Her dad is already planning her next car. 


  1. lol, that's awesome. What a good Dad.

  2. hey maybe Mike can help Ian with his pinewood derby car? : )

  3. Love it! Seriously, I remember Mike and Wes and Dad doing the SAME thing when they were in scouts! They ALWAYS won. I'm glad to see Mike gets to carry on the tradition even if he didn't have a boy to take to scouts!:)
    ps- love the car name..


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