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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just ramblings.....

Maddie cleaned the kitchen for me all weekend.  Without asking.  Emptying the dishwasher AND loading it.  Be still my heart.  I hope it continues!

You know you've come a long way in exercising when you can do over 20 push ups without stopping, and most importantly... you no longer pee your pants a little when you are doing the jumping jacks.  Win!!

Katie was really nice to me on Mother's Day!  She didn't even roll her eyes ONE TIME during sacrament!  That's an improvement!  Or rather... was it because it was Mother's Day?

I did have to tell my one *cough* child that mood swings were not allowed on Mother's Day.  Didn't she know that??

A little girl in Primary was explaining that a good chore that she can do for her Mom for Mother's Day was to stay in bed when it's bedtime.  I love it! 

I think I'm falling in love w/ the Fiesta brand of dishes.  I love the idea of having all different colors of plates on my table.  Lime green ... red... orange... yellow.....  love it.  I have 5 bowls, 1 salad plate and 1 dinner plate already.  I'm working on it.  One dish at a time.

....they're only $50 a place setting at Macy's.  Or if you wait, sometimes you can get two place settings for $50.  Y'know.. buy one and get one free?

I finally hopped back on my elliptical yesterday morning.  Turns out the reason why it wouldn't work was because the batteries were dead.  Hmmm..... I could've sworn the batteries were brand new.

Katie made color guard!!!  Am I excited about this?  Am I excited that she now has no life with us, and will be dancing at every single football game this fall??  Am I excited she's about to become a FRESHMAN in .... 15 days?  No.  I propose that all children have to start growing younger, y'know....  backwards in order to prevent them from growing up.  This growing up business has to stop.  Anyone sustain that proposition?  Anyone?

Maddie is also now a safety patrol girl.  She is ecstatic.  I was a safety patrol girl when I was in 6th grade!  I loved it.

We've been getting a LOT of rain here in San Antonio.  It's been greatly needed, especially if we have a super hot, dry summer this year.  The sound of rain has been so peaceful sounding.  Mike came home for lunch while it was still rainingthis afternoon, and I told him that I loved the sound of rain hitting the roof.  He told me I was hearing the dryer.  Oh well... close enough.

and one final note... Mike went to the cabin last weekend and made a very important decision without me.  He changed the color we decided on for the trim around the cabin.  He said the original color looked like puke.  He went with the darker forest green... pictures to come soon!

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  1. You can do over 20 push ups without stopping. YOU rock girl....


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