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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We went to the cabin... Again! Part 2

While we were at the cabin this past weekend, Mike's friend Shaun told me what poison oak looks like.  This is VERY important to me to know .. b/c Mike, Maddie & I have had rashes from the property and we have NO clue what we got into.  Thankfully we have a system down if we do get these rashes, and Maddie's last rash went away after a week or so.  Whew!

So Shaun walked me through our trail behind our house -- and I now know what to avoid!  I walked the girls through the trail as well, and they are in the know as well!  Mike went around the trail and sprayed weed killer on all the weeds and other things -- b/c our beautiful trail we worked SO hard on, managed to get overgrown again in a matter of a month of weeds.


Meanwhile, at Shaun's property, he planted a lot of different types of fruit trees:  peaches, pear & apples.  His peach tree is already showing some babies!!


However. ... this next "fruit" is not a baby of mine.  This is a grapevine... and those babies are grapes.  Now, I'm not sure what type of grapes they are -- but the general rule is if the birds don't eat them, chances are they're poisonous.  But, this is what grapes generally look like in the beginning!  I have grapevines growing ALL over the property.  They are a menace!!!

We made hamburgers for dinner one night, and followed up with a S'mores dessert!  Maddie took her place as the "one who prepares the s'mores" -- while Katie and Madison labored over the fire with the marshmallows.  Our favorite candy to use so far is the peanut butter cups.  Yumm!



and finally we all sat down and enjoyed the pleasant weather -- while Shaun & the girls tossed a football around.  I started watching Madison catch the ball -- and boy oh boy is she quite the catcher!  she had so many awesome catches (or near attempts to catch!) -- that I shot quite a few pictures of her creativity!! 


Here is my favorite of all...


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