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Saturday, June 28, 2008

{Birthday Recap}

Jenni & Calli... my newest good friend & neighbor and Calli is a fantastic friend from Arizona, whom I haven't seen in over a year.

For my actual birthday that was on Tuesday, Mike took me and our ENTIRE family out for mexican food..... that was my gift. My good friend Jenni (who lives in the same complex as I do) gave me some YUMMY brownies that had melted chocolate on it w/ peanut butter frosting, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers w/ sunflowers in it. It is so incredibly beautiful....

My parents gave me a dozen roses, & these were bright pink, and since I had used my one vase to put Jenni's flowers inside, I had to settle on a gravy bowl for my vase for my parents flowers (I never get flowers, so it's RARE that I get it twice in one day). They have bloomed so incredibly beatiful, so I have to say bright pink roses are my favorite color now if I am to get roses. :) ::hint hint::

Thanks to my mother in law Deb for making a fantastic yummy chocolate cherry cake! And also thanks to my parents for bringing my favorite ice cream flavors!! Would you believe my two little stinkers have eaten it all???

Pic below: Carla & Jordonna, the girls' dance teacher & another dancer's mom
Pic right: Jennifer & Stephanie ~ isn't it funny how we're leaning to the left?

On Wednesday night, I met up w/ 10 other friends of mine at this fancy restaurant inside a beautiful Hyatt hotel. They have a chocolate bar inside that is complimentary if you pay the $40+ for dinner, but if you don't want dinner, it's only $11.95 for unlimited trips to the chocolate bar. :) We had so much fun. I made bright pink flowers for everyone's hair... and told everyone to wear something that would go w/ the bright pink. I think everyone was in heaven during the 2 hours we were there... or maybe it was a sugar high? Whatever it was, it was outstanding! Before we left, I gave everyone a Hershey's bar that was covered in scrapbook paper, to match the colors (hot pink & black), and I attached a "Care for more chocolate? Thanks for coming! Amy" note on it. Everyone laughed. (forgot to take a picture of that bar, but you can see the flower hair thing in the pictures)

After dessert, two of my childhood best friends (Malonda & Jennifer) decided they were taking advantage of the no children evening, and wanted to see Sex in the City movie (is it Sex AND the City or Sex IN the City? Either way, they have sex & they're in the city... so I don't know what the right title is). I decided to tag along, and so we hit the 10:20 movie that night. We had no clue it was going to be so long.... we didn't get home until 2 a.m. Yawn! Anyways, before the movie, we had plenty of time to try to find something to eat (I guess chocolate doesn't cut it for some people?), so we found an Uno's Pizza, and ordered some appetizers for the movies, which Malonda brazenly carried inside the movie theatre, ignoring the "NO FOOD OR DRINK" sign. They could care less. Jennifer and I enjoyed our 3 pieces of mozzarella sticks a piece.... they promised us 9 sticks, but we only got 6. Bummer.

So, the movie... whoa. That's all I can say. It felt like old times being w/ friends who I grew up. I haven't seen Malonda in years, but it was like yesterday when we got back together that night. We giggled through the movies, gasped at certain spots, exclaimed "I can't BELIEVE they showed that!", and "What were they THINKING?" at other scenes. I had never seen a real Sex in the City show on HBO, just the edited version for TV, so I was quite unprepared for a lot of the scenes shown.

Getting my cake here...and everyone sang to me. How embarrasing

I realized through all this that I am richly blessed with friends. Friends who are OK with spending $15.00 to help celebrate my night. :)

Psst... I'm having a hard time getting this blog post to move around so I can add captions of my friends and the evening. So, that's why some pics have captions, and others don't. I gave up playing with everything. :)

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