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Monday, June 2, 2008

{My New Bargaining Chip}


I always told myself I would never resort to using bribery as a mean to get things done, whether it's chores, behavior modifications, or just getting along with each other. However, I noticed these two little girls will do ANYTHING to get to go to the pool. Thus, my life is tremendously easier when it comes to having a bargaining chip in my hand. :D

We've gone a few times so far since school has been out (actually, it might have only been two times), but they're already dark skinned, and Maddie's hair has gotten lighter.

However, with the pool comes a few problems. One of those is bloody toes. On the first day of playing in the pool, Maddie came to me with a few bloody toes. Now, everyone who knows Maddie knows she's a drama queen. Big time drama queen. When it comes to blood, she wins Oscars. However, this time she came to me and said "oh Momma... look at my toes, they're bleeding, but that's OK because I'm OK". I'm just dumbfounded... Uh, OK? Then, here comes Katie a few minutes later "MOM! I'm bleeding!". And on her toes too. So, the next day we went shopping for some beach shoes so the girls will no longer have bloody toes. I think their situation was blisters.

It's so fun to watch the girls play Marco Polo in the pool, and to run and jump in the pool. Thanks to the swimming lessons Papa & Grandma Keesee got for them earlier this year, these two girls are now little fish, and can swim pretty easily. I got in the pool the other day, and tried to show Katie how to do a somersault in the water. Then on to handstands. She's still not getting it, and before we were done, Maddie was doing it by herself with no problems. :::giggling::: Poor Katie... Maddie had her beat when it came to whistling and now at somersaults in the water.

We're busy getting ready for the girls Scottish dance competition ~ they're practicing every morning and doing their barre work. Their first competition is in a few weeks, so they should be ready for it! They're so excited.

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  1. Ah yes. Isn't bribery the best? The pool and the Wii are my current tools. And no, I don't feel guilty bribing them occasionally if it will get things done! **should i feel guilty?***


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