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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

{Yay for Good Grades!}

I had forgotten to blog about the girls' good grades this year!

Since we had made a move from one school district to another, the way they're graded is a bit different. At one school they're graded by numbers: 1 = they're not grasping the concept at all, 2 = they're kind of grasping the concept, 3 = they understand the concept,and 4 = they exceed the understanding for their age group. Katie mostly got 3's, an occasional 2, and maybe a 4 in reading.

At the new school, they are back to the A, B, C's for the grading scale, something I'm much familiar with. I was always thinking "OK, does a 3 equal an A or a B?". I never really understood it. Well, with the girls changing schools, and were a little behind (Katie was), I was worried about her grades for the last quarter. She came home with all A's and one B!! Yay for Katie! Her extra help in math paid off, apparently as she got an A in math! She had to be tested for the extra help in math, and she qualified, so that was a relief to get her caught up. Her B was in social studies.

Madison didn't get graded on anything, but merely a "Yes, she can do this, and yes, she can do this, etc". Kindergartners don't get grades. But, she can go on to 1st grade!

And while we're speaking on the subject of Madison.... her stuttering is almost GONE!! Yes! Amazing! Miracle! I'm just so thrilled that she's speaking a hundred words a minute, and no repeating one word over and over and over and over again. I even tried to get her to be seen by the new school's speech therapist, who took forever to even see her. By the time she did get around to see her (a week before school ended), she told the teacher "this girl doesn't have a problem, why am I needed?". :D

She still struggles a bit, but it's SO much better than what it was. So, a big major THANKS for the prayers for Madison! I know a lot of people in the family were worried about this (I was too... Mike had more faith that I did and would always say "she'll grow out of it").

Have pictures to upload, but blogger is being stubborn right now, so I'll upload as soon as I'm able to.

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