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Saturday, June 14, 2008

{KC Highland Games}

Maddie relaxing & eating our favorite snack... Pringles
We always take this to the games.

Wow... what a day!! We started early this morning for Riverside to participate in the KC Highland Games for Highland Dance. Katie was placed in the Beginner 10 & under group, and Madison is still in the Primary group. Katie danced against 6 other dancers, Maddie was against 3 other dancers. They both did a FANTASTIC job... Maddie I think was exceptionally nervous before her dance, and she kind of flubbed through her Highland Fling, and messed up completely. Katie did the Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Trius, Straspthey & Highland Reel and the Lilt.

Madison dancing the Sword Dance

Madison dancing the sword dance

Katie dancing the Straspthey & Highland Reel (she's the middle)

Katie dancing the S & Highland Reel (she's the 2nd from left)

Again.... S & HReel (2nd from right)

When it came time to announce the winners of each group, there were some "comments" made about the way judging was done. Maddie only got one medal, and I didn't even catch which group it was in b/c I was so shocked she didn't place at all.... even another mom was eyeing me and going "WHAT?!!!" So, until I talk to her dance teacher to see if she really did that bad of a job, I'm just going to blame the judge... sounds like any mother, right? LOL

Madison dancing Swords
Katie dancing swords
Katie & the swords

Katie had stiff competition. There was a girl from Houston who danced, and also Bryn, one of her best friends in dance. Between the three of them, they placed all the medals. Katie got 2-first place medals (Straspthey & Highland Reel & Lilt), 1-Second place medal (Sword Dance), and 2-third place medals (Highland Fling & Seann Trius). The girl from Houston got 2 First place, 2 second place, and 1 third... so probably but a few points, she won the Best Dancer for that group. Still proud of Katie though! She did awesome!!

All 4 girls have taken lessons together for the past 4 1/2 years.

The neatest thing of the day, and something that we learned from the first year of dancing, is that we have to stay for the entire award ceremony, because they have additional prizes to award to the Most Promising Pre-Premier Dancer (she won this prize a few years ago, after we had left to go home...), and some other award, which I'm not sure what it is (possibly the person who had the most points?). When they announced the Most Promising Dancer, Katie's name was announced!! Wahoo Katie! Way to go girl! She got a beautiful standing plaque that is either glass or crystal, and has etchings in it. I'd rather her get that than the Best Dancer Plaque, which was another bowl... Lord knows we have so many bowls already from her winning a few Best Dancer awards. Enough with the bowl! Give trophies!!:)

Katie after getting her Most Promising Pre Premier Dancer Award

With the award....

I say I complain about the judge for several reasons. In another group, one dancer won all 1st place dances, and she was downright HORRIBLE... several people mentioned this, so in reality, I don't know how well the judging was done, or maybe even this judge was looking for something particular? I don't know... kind of stinks sometimes.

We finished the day off with a movie to Kung Fu Panda (or whatever it's called).

So, until the Omaha games in July.... Katie is NOW a Novice dancer!!


  1. Wow! Congratulations girls! Looks like all the practicing has really paid off!

  2. Yay! Way to go! We were so excited to go to the Scottish Festival near us and see the dancers, then we all got sick! Dang! That's so awesome your daughters have something so fun to do though, and a mom who will take them to all their games!

  3. How cool!! That is so fantastic that your daughter are doing that. Go them!!


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