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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{The Zoo, Birthdays, & Father's Day}

This is what happens when I get slack about downloading pictures from my camera and blogging. YOU get an eyeful and a bunch of stories that goes along with the pictures!!

Last Friday Jennifer invited the girls and I to go w/ her to the zoo. We had a blast at the zoo, and enjoyed seeing the new baby zebra that was just born. We took pictures (I say we, because the girls are really interested in the camera now) of turtles, elephants, and poop... yes, poop. I won't post the picture, but yeppers, it's elephant dung. And no, I didn't take the picture of THAT... Jennifer can take the blame. :)

At the end of the day, when we were SO hot, and SO tired from walking SO far (from Africa, let me tell you, it's a LONG walk with three big kids in a two kid stroller pushing uphill).

We sat down for a second to capture our breath, and I spotted the perfect picture of Jennifer's two kids and Madison. They looked so cute looking at the otters, that is, until I captured Madison picking out a wedgie in her butt. Oh, there goes the cute photo! But never to fear, I got the next picture and it's perfect!!

So far this summer we're really enjoying our swimming time. We got a few times a week, and it's finally gotten to the point where the girls are no longer getting sunburned.

It doesn't matter how often or how high the SPF number I apply, these girls are getting tan... they're also learning how to do somersaults in the water, handstands, how to dive looking for their diving sticks, how to backstroke... and how to splash the crud out of each other (and me). They are turning into little fish, and they are totally content with this. We love going to the pool with our good friends the MacArthur's.... lots of fun!!

We celebrated Father's Day last week, with the one gift Mike requested: a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Go figure... ice cream cake? That is one of the top requested gifts from men, from what I understand.

Then, we celebrated my birthday last night, w/ a trip to Jose Peppers and a cake from Mom N. and ice cream & flowers (beautiful flowers!) from Mom & Dad. Sadly, I don't have enough vases for flowers (I never get flowers, and most certainly never get flowers twice in one day!), so I had to use my gravy bowl for the roses. :) My good friend & neighbor Jenni gave me some yummy peanut butter & chocolate brownies & BEAUTIFUL sunflower flowers also.... I'm LOVING them all!

And this little guy.... I have totally fallen in love with little Owen. He's such a sweetie. Who can resist this little face? Definitely not me and his mother!

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