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Thursday, July 24, 2008

{Day One in San Antonio}

We left early this a.m. for San Antonio ... flight was on time, but we were in the last of the LONG line of people to board the plane. I really hate open seating. I had to sit next to two little girls who were 7 & 11... but they were great, so I can't complain. Mike sat with the two girls' grandmother and another lady. LOL Halfway during the flight, a lady in front of Mike had a seizure, so that was an event to watch. She was fine when the plane landed, but they speeded up the plane and we landed 20 minutes earlier than expected. She had to be taken to the hospital for evaluation, I guess.

Get to San Antonio, and it was a rocking & a rolling kind of airplane ride thanks to Dolly. It was raining cats & dogs.... literally. We get our suitcase, and get on the van to get our car (again, thanks to the pouring down rain, my hair was frizzy from standing in the rain). Then, we find out Mike's boss had paid for our rental car w/ her private credit card instead of a company card... UGH! That took awhile to get it straightened out, and we were off in a Jeep (much to Mike's happiness).

There are orange cone festivals happening everywhere in San Antonio. I didn't think much of the airport, and of course, w/ all the construction, even less of San Antonio at this point ~ simply b/c we couldn't find our way around! It was confusing! We finally figure out where we were, and go in search of Mike's property. It is in a great area. We were starving to death though, and we found the most delicious Mexican food restaurant down the street from where Mike will work. They have AMAZING salsa (if I can even call it that b/c it didn't look like salsa).

Then, for the next three hours we went through tons of neighborhoods up and down the streets looking for signs that says "FOR LEASE". Didn't see much. What we did see, was already rented out, or they wanted $1250 for a 2 bedroom house! Yikes! The neighborhoods we were looking at resemble Tiff & Dan's neighborhoods.

During this entire space of time, we had tornado warnings happening all around us, but it was pouring down torrential rainpour that came and went in spurts all afternoon. The streets here are literally flooded with water in the middle, and all of it goes in one direction.. (Mike thinks I'm exaggerating a bit, but I'm not). I guess they never get rain. Anyways, a tornado DID touch down, where? No clue. Somewhere around us, but we didn't hear any sirens go off (I don't think they have sirens here).

We finally got tired, and drove to the Havens to find our place. Since we ate a big lunch, we didn't want to eat dinner, but we did want to find some munchies at Walmart or something. We have a fully equipped kitchen, so that's nice. However, once we were out, we couldn't find a Walmart, Target or even a grocery store anywhere! We drove so far out, we reached "Amigoville" (aka town full of Mexicans)... and finally turned around. I asked Mike "why isn't there a Walmart or grocery store for anyone to eat or shop at?" His smart aleck reply? "because they can just steal it instead". ::rolling eyes:: **snort**

Finally an hour later we find a Walmart, and get some cereal and milk, etc.

Oh, you want an update on a house?

We finally called a realtor, told her what we wanted, and what area we wanted it in. She returned with 6 homes. Three of them we liked, one we REALLY liked (and we're hoping we get this one). It would be up close to the LDS temple if we get this house. It has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths (we were hoping for 3, but the 4 was a plus). I'll update tomorrow night (if we have time to email) on what we find out. Mike has to go tour the property tomorrow morning, and has some meetings. Tomorrow night we go out to dinner w/ his district manager.

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