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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

{Making Banana Bread}

Katie has been constantly complaining how bored she is this summer. She usually accompanies this statement with a classic case of eye rolling, throwing her head back and whines. I decided with my huge stack of spoiling rapidly bananas, to teach her how to make banana bread. I found this incredible recipe on allrecipes.com that was amazing! So delicious, that it's more a dessert than it is banana bread. She used her apron I made her a few months ago, and she already knows how to read a recipe.... and she was off!
Here is a link of the recipe (click on it) ... The only thing I did differently w/ this recipe is I used half brown sugar & half white sugar, added a little bit of cinnamon & vanilla. On the top of the banana bread before it baked, I sprinkled cinnamon & brown sugar on the top.

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