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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

{There's a WORM... in my FOOD!}

When we got ready to leave San Antonio on Sunday, we realized we had forgotten to get some little gifts for the girls.

So, at 7 a.m. both Mike and I perused the Texan gift shop, looking at all the margarita gumballs one could love, margarita chocolate balls (filled w/ liquor I'm sure), jalapeno chocolate, dead rattlesnakes... nothing caught my eye, until we saw these: a worm in the middle of a lollipop. What kid wouldn't love THIS?!

Then, I got to thinking about this. Why isn't PETA fussing about worms (dead worms, that is) in our foods? What about the scorpions in tequila? Why aren't they fighting about those? I mean, SURELY these little worms & scorpions have feelings, right?! *snort* Surely, these worms were killed so they could have a wonderful spot in our suckers, right?

I also found little red/yellow/black snakes in the form of gummy candy to give the girls. I know, I'm trying to scare them to death about this move to Texas, right? Nah, it was just the cheapest thing I could find in the store... we didn't need another shirt, and I sure as heck wasn't buying a rattlesnake!

So, we give them to the girls, and their expression... "EEKS!! Mom! There's a WORM in my sucker!" "Quick, Katie! Look! There's a worm in it!" "Oh, there's a worm in YOURS too?!" "OH, MOM!! This is a snake! And guess what? They're made of CANDY!?!!" Yep, out of the mouth of babes....

The girls were VERY careful about not touching the worm on their sucker... Maddie very carefully ate around her worm, and Katie, heaven forbid her tongue touched that worm (which it did... and she freaked). Mike kept trying to tell the girls "oh, that worm is made of candy it's OK to eat!". Yeah right DAD!

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