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Monday, July 7, 2008

{My Favorite Thing}

OK ... this is one of my favorite things EVER... Tetley Herbal Pure Peppermint tea. I found this tea at a hotel in Dallas, and had been on the lookout for it ever since. I can only get it online, as they only sell it in Canada and Europe. Thankfully, a dear friend in Canada found it for me and sent me a canister of it, and I rationed it like crazy. If you like peppermint, this is the thing for you!! It soothes your stomach at night, if it is hurting, it makes your breath smell sweeter (or at least I think it does)... and it's just yummy tasting!

I post about this because my mother in law and I went to Big Lots last Thursday night, and within minutes of the stores closing, I happened upon it. I almost tore the entire cardboard stand down looking for all the canisters of Peppermint.. they were only a buck a piece! They're normally $6!! I found 6 canisters, so I'm in HEAVEN!!! I'm on the lookout for more, this is truly the best. So family .... next time you go to Big Lots, PLEASE (with sugar and a cherry on top) get me some more of this stuff!! I do need to stock up on this for my year of food supply. :)

1 comment:

  1. Looks good! Glad you stocked up for your "food storage" *laugh* I stocked up on popcorn and m&m's for our Utah "food storage" Also I've been eating lots of Mexican food, I'm creating my own food storage located directly on my thighs......


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