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Monday, July 21, 2008

{The Wedding}

Last week we had a chance to get together with the entire Nelson clan (aka Buhman/Cloud clan too). We were celebrating Wesley getting married to Alicia... a wonderful and beautiful gal! We sure love having her in the family.

Who the heck are these clowns??

We had a grand time getting together a few days before the wedding/reception ... swimming, playing, and of course, eating. We love to eat. ha ha

Cost of all outfits: $100+ (no clue, really)
Cost of pain in getting all 6 cousins together & smiling.... UGH (can you put a price tag on that?)
Satisfaction of looking at these 6 cuties and smile, knowing you've got a "decent" photo and that's the best you'll ever get with a 10 month old & a two year old to cooperate? PRICELESS!

Katie passing Presley off to Madison

Looking for bugs... they did this for a LONG time!

Grandma & Papa Nelson w/ all the grandkids.... no one is ever looking at the camera at the same time

Wesley & Alicia's wedding was beautiful. The reception was beautiful, so simple but yet so elegant! I was in awe of Alicia's mother's ability to bake... awesome! She is a caterer, so all her treats were to die for!

My darling niece, Emily

My mother in law & sister in law Tiffany did a wonderful job of matching all the kids' outfits together, and they really looked smashing together. Sadly, I cannot upload Tiff's picture of the grandkids w/ the grandparents.... I think it's too large to upload and I can't figure out how to compress the size yet on this computer. Once I get that figured out, I'll upload those.

After the reception, there was another reception going on, that I wanted to go to. A good friend of mine, Stephanie, had gotten married. I had taught her in Young Women's at church a LONG time ago. The four of us (pictured below) were great friends back in that day, and served together in YW (well, Gerri didn't, but we were still friends) (still are friends), and Debbie (the red head) came back for the wedding from Virginia. SO great to see her! Miss her a lot! They had a dance at that reception, so everyone is bopping to the beat!

Debbie & I

Anne, Gerri, Deb, and I


  1. Love your pictures!! Your girls are the cutest ever.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.

  2. The wedding turned out so pretty--I love the matching dresses all the girls are wearing. Phew, one thing down--a hundred more to go, right?


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