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Thursday, June 4, 2009

{goodbye 5th grade}

Well ... I am now officially a mother of a middle schooler.




I feel so... OLD!
Wait, I am old!

Katie had her 5th grade graduation today. We started the morning off with this glare at me

Guess she was a little embarrassed? Or mad? Get over it kid.
Doesn't she know that I'm supposed to embarrass her? I mean, that's THE most important thing I have to do in her life!

She got a bunch of awards... Citizenship, missed the A/B Honor Roll by ONE stinking point.

She got a 79 in Math this quarter.... the only C ever this year!
Then, she got this award

the Presidential Achievement Award...

not sure 100% what it's for, but she was the only kid out of her class to get it

(not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing)

Then all the kids & their parents took a walk through the halls of the school, starting in the Kindergarten hall & moved through the grade levels. All the kids were standing outside the rooms waving. Some of the 5th graders were a little tearful, some were jubilant. Some moms were crying (not me... I held back my tears no matter how hard it was), some teachers were crying, which made ME want to cry.

Katie & her 2 BFF's Alexis & Vanessa all walked together.

Then we saw this little cutie sitting in the hall.

I think I might just take her home!

Then she said goodbye & hugged a favorite teacher who helped push math through her brain during a very delicate time... it worked. Oh, did it work!

Afterwards, all the 5th graders enjoyed a big pool party at the neighborhood pool.

for FOUR hours! Everyone looks like a lobster now.

They ate their heart out

and signed picture frames with everyone's autographs

Katie's frame got ruined by a wet suit....

All in all, it was a fantastic day to end Katie's elementary school year!

She's now sick with a cough and a sore throat.


  1. Now that's a way to end a school year! Hope she feel better soon.

  2. They grow up fast! Miss Emily is going to be in HS!

  3. What an end to the school year! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  4. She's a middle schooler!! That is crazy! This is Ally's last year in Elementary and it totally freaks me out to think my baby is going to be in school with......um...TEENAGERS soon! She's too little! Tell Katie congrats on all her achievements from us!

  5. bet she is sooo excited to be out of school. She said she cut bangs. Post a pic. I would love to see. I think I might cut bangs again too. I am in desp need of a new hair do.


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