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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

{Mustang Island}

Off of Corpus Christi, there is an island that faces the Gulf. The actual ocean!! It has better shells, better waves, and softer sand. You can also camp on the beach there! You can also drive on the beach there! In short, it's a state park, and it's beautiful! There was an abundant amount of icky stinky seaweed there. Just hold your nose and wade through it until you get to the beach!
We started our day off by going on this ferry

We had to drive to Port Aransas to get on this ferry. It was a very short distance to the other side, but "oh so neat!"

We found Mustang Island, quickly found a place on the beach to park, unloaded EVERYTHING under the moon (chairs, towels, sand toys, coolers, first aid kit... everything). I immediately found some amazing shells, which unfortunately had some slimy living creatures still inside the shell. Toss those back in the ocean.

Madison & I waded in the ocean for a bit. We took her boogie board and went through the waves. We decided to head back in to the shore.... but all of a sudden Maddie screamed. Grabbed her foot. I thought "oh great... those darn jellyfish!". However, it wasn't a jellyfish! It was a CRAB pinching her feet! Poor girl! I quickly grabbed the thing and yanked on it, which pinched off a bit of her skin on her big toe. :( After she recovered, she placed her beach shoes on her feet, and we eventually went back out in the ocean.

Mike & Madison built a sand castle. Actually, maybe it's half of a sand castle?

Katie played on her boogie board over & over again... course with either Grandma, me or Mike with her. The other times, she sat in her beach chair & just looked cute!

Mike was pretty comfortable himself...

so was my dad.....

Mike & the girls went looking for more seashells past the jetty. Very beautiful over there!

it's at this time we say goodbye to the beach...

in hopes to come back another time!


  1. Looks like fun!! I love your daughters swimsuits. They are so cute!


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