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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

{a walk on the beach}

We love the beach.
Well, I think they do. I love the beach!
It brings such a calming feeling to me when I walk along the beach.
So quiet.
So peaceful.
So beautiful.
Just watch out for the jellyfish. I stepped in two of them while walking and taking pictures at the same time. THAT was gross.


  1. That is an awesome collage of pictures!

  2. I love the beach too! You are very lucky you live to close to one :) I'm sad you won't be coming home this week--but glad cuz the next time you do come to town, we'll be in a much nicer place:)

    Oh, and I totally showed my kids the This is Bob thing from your previous post---they loved it!

  3. Oh i also love the beach! :)
    Wonderful pictures!

  4. How lucky are you?! Looks like everybody loves the beach just as much as you do.

    Jelly fish gross me out. Don't even want to imagine stepping on one. ugh.

  5. Mom, Tiff and I are looking at your blog. Cute pics. Looks like you all had a good time on your vaca-- minus the burnt feet:0... How is your job going? ps-- post some pics of your b-day. Mom said you got a yummy cake!!!

    Nelson girls:)

  6. So fun! What amazing pics!

  7. These are such beautiful pictures, Amy. There is nothing more calming, and peaceful than the ocean. We are headed to California for a week, and I can't wait to play on the beach!


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