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Saturday, June 6, 2009

{Little Miss M & her last day}

Last Thursday I was busting my butt with Katie's class party. It wasn't supposed to be over until around 2:15, but Maddie's "end of the year" ice cream party started at 1:30! What's a mother to do? That's right, ditch Katie's party around 2:00, and head to the school for Maddie's party. :)
The first thing I see is all the kids gathering autographs. I have to laugh at my girls & all their friends. No one does the "You are the SWEETEST person ever! Have a great summer!" type of autographs, or cute equations like this one:
2 good + 2 be = 4 gotten
or anything fun like that. They simply sign their name. That's it!! So, Maddie was gathering autographs from her friends.
Then she sat & ate her ice cream. It was an ice cream party, complete with tons of toppings, syrups & whipped cream. Did you know there's liquid peanut butter? Yes, it's to DIE for!

While the sugar was getting in the bloodstream, a few kids went a little wacko (i.e. taking a permanent marker and having everyone sign this kids' shirt, which made a few other kids do the SAME thing. I thought "ooh, that kid is gonna in trouble!"). I managed to capture a few pictures of her BFF... Lily! We love Lily. She's such a sweetheart.

All in all, Madison had a fantastic 1st grade year. She will miss her teacher, Miss Canela. She made HUGE strides this year, surprising all of us with what she really loves! Science!! This kid loves Science! She's going to be a brainiac, I just know it.


  1. Awww too fun! End of the school year activities are awesome.

  2. She is growing up sooo much. Such a cute little girl:)

  3. what a fun party! Hmmm liquid peanut butter, i will try that for sure. :)

  4. It looks like it was a fun party! Can you believe summer is here? :)


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