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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

{so much to say...}

so little time!

Yesterday I started my new job. I'm working as a contractor for an insurance company that is HUGE out here in Texas (USAA). Maybe some of you military ladies have heard of it? :) So, I'm still adjusting to working again.

My parents are enjoying their final evening here in Texas. They leave tomorrow afternoon to go back to KC. We've enjoyed them visiting. While they were here, we've done a ton of stuff. It'll probably take me a few days worth of blogging time to catch up with the pictures, etc.

Friday morning we left for Corpus Christi. I had reserved a room months ago, and we were sorely disappointed in the shape of the condo when we arrived. It was NOTHING like what we were expecting.... but we toughed it out. Beds that made noise when one moves on it, beds that only had one inch of mattress on it (making it impossible to get ANY sleep!).... the list goes on & on. Course, the beach outside was littered completely with jellyfish carcasses (are they carcasses?). So, going in the ocean was no fun. Not to mention, there were a few couples who had NO problem sharing PDA (public display of affection) with the public... EWW! My girls got an eyeful Saturday night! Thankfully my mom & I quickly walked them past this couple before more damage was done, but it only resulted in two little girls laughing & giggling. GIRLS!

We did enjoy a beautiful night of walking along the beach Friday night, and I was able to snap some beautiful pictures of the girls. Here's a few to enjoy until I edit some more....

Saturday we left early in the morning about 9'ish for Port Aransas. We wanted to take the car ferry over to Port Aransas and head to Mustang Island. I'll share more in another blog post about it, but it was AMAZING! Sad thing to happen was Maddie got pinched by a crab. :( Mike also suffered a major casualty too... pictures & story to follow on that. All I can say is that men don't listen to their wives....


  1. love that picture of your daughter drawing in the sand!!! Sorry about the condo, hate it when that happens. On a happy note, I got my pendant today - you are so awesome! I love it and can't wait to proudly wear it!!!

  2. Bummer about the condo! It sounds like you guys made the most of it though and still had a great time! Can't wait to see and hear more about it!

    Are you coming to KC this summer?

  3. I love the picture of your daughter drawing in the sand also! Sorry you had some bad experiences, but it looks like you still had fun. :) I'm planning on taking my kids down to Corpus sometime this summer also.

  4. Sorry about the condo, but hey you still look like you had tons of fun with family! Can't wait to hear more. And congrats on your new job!


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