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Monday, November 2, 2009


Maddie will be turning 8 in a few weeks.

To be 8 is.... well.... GREAT!

In fact, it's at an age that children in our church are able to be baptized.

Maddie has been looking forward to this age for a long long time.

Probably because #1, she gets her ears pierced.

#2, she picked out a beautiful white dress to wear in which I will take pictures with her in it soon for her baptism announcement

and #3..... she's looking forward to the dessert bar I'm planning on having after her baptism {she requested the cake with a hole in it... aka bundt cake... I never make bundt cake!}

Now, there are other reasons, but those stick out for her.

So, in preparation for this day, our bishop called her in to his office yesterday at church to talk to her about this very wonderful, yet important event that will take place.

When our bishop talked to Madison, he basically talks to her about what is baptism, how we are baptized (by immersion), what color we wear to be baptized in (white for purity), who will baptize her and the important thing that Daddy holds so he will be able to baptize her (he holds the Priesthood), and after the baptism, she will receive a very very special gift. This is the conversation:

Bishop: Madison, after you are baptized, you will receive a very very special gift. Do you know what gift that is?

Madison: yes, I will get scriptures and a Bible.

{me: snorting & laughing under my breath}

{Bishop is trying to not smile & laugh}

Bishop: Yes! Some people do get those gifts and they are very special. However, there is another special gift you will get, and that is the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Oh dear... what else will this child think of that will make me want to crawl under a rock when asked these kind of questions?! I'm not even going to touch the conversation about "slugvans".
{slugbugs... volkswagons.... '80's vans.... you do the math}


  1. LOL, I love her conversation with the bishop. They sure do grow up fast!

  2. Ha! That's so cute. I love it. I can't wait to see her announcement pics!

  3. Hahahahahahaha! That is classic! She cracks me up every day!


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